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What’s Going On With Bitcoin???

BitcoinThis morning I was rummaging thru my emails and saw one from one of my stock portfolio providers.  They wanted to inform me about my GBTC (Bitcoin Investment Trust) stock position. This morning, GBTC apparently started trading at a split price 91 for 1 stock split. It’s basically an alternative to bitcoin which will make the shares more accessible to smaller investments. The split took effect Jan.26 , shareholders will receive 90 more shares for each share they currently own.

In hindsight it seems like a terrific idea for investors who do not have much funds to invest. But the stock market so far this year has been like a rollercoaster. I am however still curious I will continue to follow bitcoin. But I am literally holding my breath with anticipation and with anxiety brewing as well. I believe cryptocurrency may one day be worth more than the U.S. dollar. Maybe because its controlled by block chains and not an actual bank, but who really knows all any of us can do is wait for the rise or the crash.

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