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Cauliflower Rice with Salmon

Hey you guys!! Happy mothers day to all my U.K. followers. I am on here because I think I want to add a recipe section to my blog. Lately I have been trying to eat HEALTHIER!!! I am not on a vegan level yet but I ve made some drastic changes. Well today I concocted something that was pretty tasty and I wanted to share with you guys.

      Ingredients for recipe:

Stuffed Salmon or just (salmon and you do the stuffing)

Lemon Juice

Ginger /Garlic

Cauliflower Rice



Seasoning of your choice

Olive Oil


Start by heating your oil in and frying pan onIMG_4762 low heat. I than added the ginger and garlic in with the oil and stirred the combination together. The type I use comes in a squeezed bottle. After about 7 minutes of that cooking I added the Cauliflower rice in the mix with  2 teaspoons of lemon juice. I purchase the rice already made but you can make your own from scratch.

Then I added mushrooms and diced tomatoes and stirred in more olive oil. I let it cook for about five minutes I added some seasoning stirred that in and let it cook for about 25 mins. Afterwards the oil and the ingredients made almost like a gravy or sauce and soften the rice up a bit.

With the stuffed salmon which I purchased as is I just put more oil in separate frying fan . Let the oil heat up and place the two salmon in with lemon juice drizzled on top. With observation it may be better to bake because when I had to turn each one I noticed some of the salmon fell out. I cooked the salmon about 25 minutes because I really wanted to make sure it was done specially the crab stuffing. It was so delicious let me know have you tried this combination before or would be willing to try it.


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