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Do you have a Blogging Identity?

Do you have a Blogging Identity?

I officially started blogging in January of this year and thus far its been an enriching experience. But I notice something about me that I have been doing with this new blogging experience. I feel I have created another identity and separate my other life  from this life. An now I guess I am just analyzing it finally from an outside vantage point. I wonder why do I feel the need to do such a thing?

I even have a name I use – Quirkyqirl. I like the name and the uniqueness of the spelling and the name it self. I have always been told I am different with my personality and unorthodox ways. I have grown to love my quirky ways they are what set me apart from everyone else. So I thought why not have something like a pen name that I can use across the board. But is that a way for me to hide from the online blogging society?

I have separate social media accounts one broadcasting my personal typical 30-year-old single woman lifestyle but then I have the social media accounts for my blog persona. I have always loved writing but never had the support system until I got to the point and realized I am my own support system. Could it be I separate the two because I feel people close to me will feel like me having a blog is juvenile and wouldn’t see the overall beautiful freedom that comes with having one? I feel like with a blog its like having a public journal and you write your heart desires. Your heart desires are than read by others that can relate to you or maybe help someone going thru the same or similar experiences.

It’s so many perspectives to blogging, some may blog for monetary reason while others do it for the pleasure. With blogging there is no requirements like race, height, sex  etc. its open for everyone. But maybe I shy away from showing the real me with pictures from my modeling portfolio, or a drunken night on the town with crazy friends/associates. Maybe its a fear of my blog being judged by a harmless image that I took for the fun of it all. I notice I always shy from posting a personal selfie or me on a spontaneous outing, I always mainly post pictures of objects or surroundings.

Can you be to overtly sexy for blogging? I shy away from posting graphic images like me in bathing suit pics or club attire , the list can go on.  Am i becoming one of those church images you see of the women clutching their pearls while looking at something appalling?  I might have the assumption that my blog wouldn’t be taken seriously if I am found to attractive or don’t fit in the typical pretty girl club.  Can you be every woman or man with blogging and still be successful?

Self evaluation is key to life and with anything we do in life its important that we grasp the concept of why we actually do what we do. What I am for a fact learning there is no right or wrong way with blogging. Blogging for me is a canvas that am broadcasting my art for the world to see and perhaps judge. My blog may reveal the authentic version of me that I had no idea even really existed. I only have seen one verbal altercation in the blogging world but my experience has been positive and maybe that’s what my other life needs at the moment.

Some extra positive vibes sprinkled in our worlds doesn’t hurt anything in fact it makes us better. Perhaps the two lives will combine and create a life that I have only dreamt about or seen in the movies. How do you relate to me and this particular blog? Are you new to the blogging world or are you a season vet that can offer me some reflective words from your experience ?

11 responses to “Do you have a Blogging Identity?”

  1. As you mentioned, ‘There is no right or wrong way to blog.’ It’s yours. You can spin it any way you choose. Oh what freedom!

    I have been blogging for a few years now, but from the first, I decided to be me. Sparkyjen is who I really really am. There’s no post that I write that doesn’t have my true personality in it, so I wanted that reflected right off the bat in my title.

    My tagline: “No Beating Around the Bush Allowed,” means exactly that. It’s also a way to honor my beloved foster mother Helen Ruth, who encouraged me not to beat around the bush; especially if she asked me a question. I suspect since I’m quite the talker, she also wanted me to learn how to get to the point, and to do so as ‘to the point’ as I could.

    I notice that you were given the Sunshine Blogger Award. Hopefully, this tells you something about how you’re perceived & appreciated on this blog.

    You don’t have to “twin” any other blogger out here. You’re unique, and that’s that!


    • Great advice! An your foster mom was right to encourage you to not beat around the bush. I am learning that being straightforward with my feeling about things is actually quite healthy for me.

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      • Absolutely! Without our health, we are lost. The energy a healthy body exudes, powers our other two essentials for ‘golden’ living. Our minds, and most especially, our spirits. Highest and Best!!!

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  2. I completely relate to this, I only started blogging in January too and sometimes I fear there are things “to do” and “not to do” in the blogging industry that I’ve not learnt yet. In the end like you say we shouldn’t be shying away or not being ourselves for fear of being judged or disliked in the blogging world x

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  3. This is such an interesting take on blogging and social media! I definitely see that same struggle… I’ve never made separate accounts for my blog/personal life/art and sometimes regret it. But on the other hand, I personally LOVE seeing different facets of bloggers – no matter how diverse, how risque, or how varied those might be! We’re not just one thing, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed to show those sides of you. At the same time, it might be easier to focus on different parts of your life and express those if they’ve got their own dedicated space. 🙂

    I hope you find a way to integrate your personas – a way that makes you feel comfortable. You never know, there might be someone just waiting to read exactly THAT blog post! xx


  4. Loved reading your post. Its strange how the internet and blogging world gives you the confidence and lets you be a much more stronger person that you ever were. Its all good though in the end.


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