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Which would you choose?

Many millennials have been switching up from old traditions when they get married. By switching it up I mean they have been opting out the honeymoon part. A honeymoon is a traditional vacation taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage. They instead have been ditching honeymoons for “many moons”. Many Moon is a new trend where newlyweds have created a new travel trend. So instead of the typical two weeks after a wedding, they are opting for multiple mini-vacations over the course of the first year of them being married.
My opinion I think it’s a fantastic idea. Why?  Couples should not limit themselves to just one vacation “honeymoon” they should spice some things up. The many moons trend allows them to celebrate their union continuously after they wed. Another keynote is it’s often hard to get time off from your job or your career just like that. Many moons allow you and your partner to plan the little mini trips in advance which allows you to plan around your availability and your career.
So which would you choose honeymoons or many moons? Whatever the choice make one that suits you and your partner both. Afterall you guys are the two getting married and hopefully share many moons together no pun attended.

7 responses to “Which would you choose?”

  1. I love the idea of many moons. I never heard of it until now. I think it’s so important to get away and just focus on your spouse with out any distractions. Always looking forward to a new destination sounds amazing. 💞

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