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Lets Go Out For Coffee/Drinks

Guys are always asking me do I wanna go out for coffee or drinks. I mean guys I just met and that is usually the  question. So because I have heard this question a few times I have made a few assumptions and built some rather bold opinions about it. So here comes the honest truth: I HATE THIS QUESTION. This is not my idea of a first date or a date I would actually enjoy.

Please do not shoot the messenger! But men I thinks this is a very inexpensive date and it has no flavor. By no flavor I mean you put no real effort into this first date. In fact when guys ask me out on this type of date I turn my nose up. I do not want to be categorized as bourgeois but I am just not interested.

I know I have some major explaining to do so let me get to it. I don’t like coffee that much to sit down on a date with a guy and drink it. I only drink coffee at work when I need an extra pep in my step or I am tired. I am from Miami so realistically when someone asks me out on a date they usually mean ALCOHOL!! I am no saint so I drink like a sinner socially and in the privacy of my home.

However if I just met you I would like to know why would I want to get drunk with you?  Well I know this day and age it may work for some that just want to hookup. That’s why I  assume you want me to get drunk and out of my character. I am not that type of woman and it’s not that type of party. In fact men that ask me out for drinks automatically your telling me you just want one thing.

I think a first date should be dinner or a movie maybe I am old-fashioned. When you put alcohol in the mix it makes your judgement unclear. When your drunk you could like anybody a sober mind is much better. An I am not saying spend all your money on me but I prefer romantic , creative “get to know me really” type of first dates. I know this is a debate that will probably never cease to end but I shared with you guys my opinion. What is your take on it?

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