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Supporting BOB (Black Owned Businesses)

My podcast is >>>> https://anchor.fm/sundaychat   My latest chat was about my recent visit to a popular black owned business located in North Miami, Beach. I went into details about my experience with the visit on my podcast. However I went back and forth on how I wanted to blog about it. I will take a more positive road than negative. My visit was not the best I have had at a nail salon.

I  typically go to Asian salons in the neighborhood but I have been on a pro black wave lately. If you want the ” deets” lol listen to my podcast. I will refrain from going over the unsavory experience. The bigger message I want to come across for me and others that are black that run businesses or is thinking about it. If we want to recreate the black wall street https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenwood,_Tulsa  again  we as a race have to do better!

Not just good but better and beyond the rest. I constantly hear how we don’t support each other which is true to a certain extinct. But for those of us that does and is willing we are given a less than par service. I would think if we are spending our dollar we want the same quality that the other big businesses are providing. Our dollar has value and it spends just like the rest.

Stop complaining about not getting support because when you do get it you provide shabby service. This is not for every black owned business but I am just being honest about the few that is really taking advantage of those that do want to support them. If we all got our “ish” together as a minority we could out number and become the majority. So if we are going to make a stand for building support in our community lets build businesses that speak for themselves when it comes down to its reputation and quality in good way. There are businesses that are getting rich off are dollars and they don’t even like us as a “RACE”.

This >>> http://brooklyn.news12.com/story/38876347/teyana-taylor-advocates-for-women-involved-in-nail-salon-brawl recent brawl is prime example why we need to get it together. Our dollar holds weight lets give it to those that appreciate it and helps build our community up versus tearing us down more.

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