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Just Do It

Can I just start off with saying “Nike” is everything!!! Nike is taking a bold stance and sending a postive message.Colin Kaepernick is named new face of Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ 30th anniversary campaign. Kaepernick is caught in several legal proceedings against the NFL league which has hindered him in actually even playing a football game. Since 2016 he has put a spotlight in sports all because he decided to sit during the national anthem. Which was his way to protest the treatment of minorities particularly by police.

He opted out his contract in 2017 though his general manager claimed he would have been release if he opted in. Than Trump started the fury over the protest during his rally in Alabama. Kaepernick is still unsigned which is why he filed a grievance against the NFL for basically being black balled. Just last week the courts denied the NFL’s motion to dismiss the case which makes the way for a trial.

Kaepernick has receive a lot of praise and a course some back lash. Initially Nike stock went down instantly but currently there is a 31% surge in online sales. Some people are really upset and are burning there Nike apparel. But why are they really mad? Some say Kaepernick and others who sat or kneel during the anthem are disrespecting the country as veterans. But there are some veterans who actually support Kaepernick and others protest.

The protest is against police violence and the consistent violence towards minorities in our own backyard. Somewhere along the way the  conversation has been shifted to something totally else. An I think its pure ignorance that is blinding those who cannot see the message that Kaepernick and the message kneeling or sitting during the anthem is trying to convey. Why stand for an anthem that is not for everyone? It’s quite sad to men that some people are outraged by the Nike campaign and towards the NFL taking part in getting the word out about social injustice.

Kneeling and sitting during the anthem is a non violent form of protest. Those people who are so mad seem so unfazed by the senseless murders of minorities like Trayvon Martin , Michael Brown , Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and so many more that was unarmed and defenseless. We need to open our eyes for those that have not already. I commend Kaepernick and everyone that is speaking out and standing up for what they believe in. Lets put a stop to social injustice and start treating everyone like human beings with love. Lets put an end to violence towards someone because of their skin color. Lets put an end to VIOLENCE.





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