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What Was Your First Heart Break???

What Was Your First Heart Break???

Well this morning I was strolling on Instagram when one specific video stood out to me. @JADAPINKETSMITH posted a video that really resonated with my soul. So this blog was inspired by that beautiful queen herself. Basically in the video she spoke on her first heartbreak and how everyone has had their heart broken. How she specifically healed by connecting with a higher power.

The most powerful line from the video was “How heart breaks break our confidence”. Her realization is that people don’t break our hearts our false beliefs around love and unrealistic expectations breaks our heart.  After I listened several times I asked myself “What was the first heartbreak I experienced and how did it shape my life? For me I believe it was dealing with my parents being divorced and not having my father in my life everyday. I would of course see him on the weekends but I now know I wanted more time with him.

It’s funny that and Instagram video would make take another look at things from my pass. My second big heart-break was losing my father to death so my first two heart breaks are connected. An I can see where my confidence was broken specifically with life at an early age. I wonder how many people have ever went back to pinpoint their first true heart break? I would recommend for everyone to follow Jada because she is amazing and I love those videos she post.

Sometimes we are not accomplishing things because we have unfinished issues in the past. An until this day I never ask what was my first heart-break. I would like all of you that reads this to ask yourself “What was your first heartbreak?”. How did it ultimately change you and your life. Does that heartbreak still have a hold of you and your confidence?

Once you find the wound you can begin the healing process….

2 responses to “What Was Your First Heart Break???”

  1. My first heartbreak was failing in my engineering. It has changed me a lot in all aspects of my life. actually this blog wouldn’t have been there if I didn’t had heartbreak of failing & second one for a breakup.


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