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Veggie Rice with Sautee Chicken

Veggie Rice with Sautee Chicken

NEW RECIPE ALERT!!!! I haven’t blog about a recipe in a long time. This recipe is kind of freestyle because I didn’t follow any particular recipe. So let me give you the rundown summary:

The Ingredients for the rice :

Eggplant (I actually cooked the eggplant first in a pan to soften it up and then scooped the good stuff out of the skin)


Brown Rice


Your Choice of seasoning( I used Janes’s Krazy Mixed Up Seasoning)

Like I said I cooked the eggplant first and then put it to side. I boiled some water with olive oil in it for my brown rice. I cooked the eggplant, cabbage and mushroom together with olive oil. Once my brown rice was done cooking I combined everything together. Side note: I threw in a pinch of chimichurri sauce and it added a nice kick.

Ingredients for my sauté Chicken:

I seasoned my chicken over night with Jane’s Krazy seasoning, lemon juice and that’s it. Before I started cooking it the next day I added more random seasonings.. Lol I love the taste of it. My oil I cooked the chicken in was a combination of coconut oil, olive oil and chimichurri sauce. An let it cooked slowly and sauté away.

I have been trying to stick to a healthier regime so I have been playing around in the kitchen. The thing about eating healthy is sometimes you may get bored. Switch it up and try new things.


 What are your thoughts?




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