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Center Stage is an new section that I will be adding to my blog . I will basically be collaborating with other talents or putting the spotlight on some creative individuals. The first to the stage goes by the name Wilfred Marrero Jr.

Wilfred is an creative director and fashion designer. His portfolio can be found here https://www.wilfredmarrero.com/ as well as some of his previous work. From his innovative pencil sketches to his vast career of over 20 years  experience in the Fashion Industry, which was heavily influenced by Theatre Costume Design. He is the epitome of fashion and creativity and what they both  stands for.An excerpt from his portfolio sums it up the best way possible”WillieM is a Passionate, Creative, Immersive, Knowledgeable, Visionary, Fashion Designer- Creative Director who thrives for excellence”. 

His experience is detailed below:

Senior Fashion Designer

Creative Director for Analili

December 2007 – Present


Concepts and Mood Boards

Colors and Textile Story

Feedback to Textile Designers

Design Collection

Flats, Hand sketching

Fabric, Trim Sourcing

Pattern Construction

Cut and Fit Original Sample

Organize and Direct Creative Team Meeting

Casting and Location Scout

Merchandising and Styling

Conceptualization and Makeup/Hair

Creative Direction

Line Sheet and Look Book Design

Fashion and Trade Shows

Fitting and Grading

National and International Production

Quality Control

100% Customer Satisfaction

Social Media Director (five platforms)

Advertising and International Campaign

Stores Displays 

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