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What’s Your Top Blog?


What I am learning since I started blogging is its a lot deeper than just writing down your thoughts. It’s all about using the right keywords or SEO which is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines. For me, I often debate whether I should even post a certain blog post because I feel it may not be interesting enough for my followers. My biggest challenge is how to optimize my blog for Google and other search engines.

So I have been really getting into learning the business behind BLOGGING. I have also been checking out the analytical side as well. In fact, to this day my My Visit to La Playa ,Cuba is my MOST POPULAR BLOG is about my trip to La Playa, Cuba. That blog for me was so personal and I didn’t think too much. I just discussed my complete travel plans and travel experience. So my advice to any other blogger out there is staying authentic to yourself.

Its nothing wrong with knowing information about google analytics, SEO, different niches, create a blog content strategy or driving traffic to your blog. What are some aspects you have learned since launching your blog? Have you made some changes like me or are you sticking with your original plan?



What are your THOUGHTS??

14 responses to “What’s Your Top Blog?”

  1. Blogging for sure is a journey of learning so much. I have learned so many new terms and new skills since I started blogging, I learned how to play around with WordPress and started doing it for friends too, got into SEO and got way more active on social media then I have ever been before, that’s what makes blogging so much fun for me – I love how dynamic it is.


  2. There is definitely a difference between writing your deep thoughts and the posts that will make you money! I try to keep a balance of both. I find my deeper posts get the most engagement but don’t help for income. With luck, those readers click to something else though that will help the blog with click-throughs and eventually making money.


  3. Blogging is definitely a journey of discovery. It sometimes surprises me which posts do better then other and sometimes I can guess before I even post it. I have definitely found that people respond better to posts written with a personal attachment!

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  4. I really am still just starting out! So for now I am writing my thoughts as they come and thinking of how I would like to read something. I am starting to learn that you should use phrases or keywords similar to what people might search for but I don’t let that take over what I write.


  5. I love blogging but the business part is hard. How to drive income. I want to make a living doing this.
    I feel like herstun.com could change things for a lot of people.
    Idk. It’s tough when ur passionate about it too because u don’t want to sell shit but I also want to LIVE. Lol. 😩♥️


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