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What is Veganuary??? It’s a charity that inspired this movement to get people to try being vegan for the month of January. There are record numbers of people who signed up including me. I chose to because I wanted to improve my health and to strengthen my discipline. Some feel it’s just and publicity stunt but it’s also getting more people to just eat plant base food and get healthy.

I have noticed some small changes right away. My body feels lighter and my core definitely feels tighter. But with this no meat thing  I am often confused by what I want to eat actually. My biggest struggles are at work because there aren’t  many vegan options. 

But I refuse to falter and I will continue this journey. I also noticed I am always thirsty and my mouth super dry. I can’t connect the dots between the two but it has been driving me crazy. I notice I have been eating lots of cheese and meals with cheese in it to fill my void. Which I have concerns about that because cheese can be bad on our cholesterol.

An yes I know cheese isn’t VEGAN but can I have one treat?? I was curious to see how many of my readers are taking part or at least heard about Veganuary. What’s your take or this movement that everyone is talking about even Beyonce and Jay z. 

Below is the link to my Youtube Channel that has my specific chat about Veganuary.



What are your thoughts????


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