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Blogging Goals For 2019

It is 2019 and I am not holding back from allowing my blog to flourish. Well if left up to me my blog will flourish and grow. To help with the process I have set some goals for myself. I love helping others grow as well which is why I am sharing my goals. Please feel free to piggyback off my blog or even ping back with your responses as far as your 2019 goals for your blog.


1. Believing 

Well, what I mean by that is I will be believing in myself and my craft more. I think we sometimes are too hard on ourselves and we doubt our capabilities. If we do not believe in ourselves why would anyone else? By me believing in myself that’s believing in my blog. Your thoughts become reality… So my  BLOG  will manifest into all my deepest desires.

2. Pinterest 

Listen if you aren’t using PINTEREST you should definitely start. I have been sleeping on how useful that it is.  If you actually discover some great strategies you can improve your blog traffic. I am a blogger so I know how stressful it can be when you feel like you are not receiving enough traffic. Play around with pinning stuff you like and get familiar with the platform. For me I noticed I get a lot of traffic flow from my pins which is awesome.

3. Be More Productive

Last year when I started off I thought I had all the answers. But with self-evaluation, I realize I wasn’t being that productive at all. Now I am learning to set short-term goals and tasks per month for my blog. I am scheduling blogs a month in advance which has been so convenient. For instance, holiday blogs are easy to schedule in advance so you can get those out the way with ease. Keep up with your social media accounts as well because I was just getting stuck on Twitter. But Twitter is not the only social media account that can be useful for your blog. Stay productive and focus and remember your blog is now an essential part of your life.

4. Brand

Coming into this new year I am definitely working on my brand. My blog is and apart of my brand so I am working on improving it. I feel like last year I settled for what was easy and quick. This year I went for edgy and I wanted my blog to stand out more. I am my brand, I am my blog so now I use more of my images and more of my personality in everything I do. I am making more of my own graphics for my blog and social media accounts instead of utilizing some that’s all on the internet already. I feel its important to make sure your content is fresh and lively. Also, make sure your blog isn’t all over the place and is easy to access by readers or followers of your blog. Work on what you want your brand to be and how you want your blog to be presented to the masses.

5. Recreate The Old

I am sure we all are not proud of those first blogs we put out. But who said we cannot refresh the old and make it new? I have been going back to my old blogs for inspiration for new. I also went back to look at the ones that received the most traffic. I know for the future I would be piggybacking off some to make new blogs. By doing that I bring more traffic to old blogs and breathe life into them again.

6. Networking

YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NET WORTH! I am attempting to network my butt off because it will benefit me in the long run. Also networking has helped me meet so many like-minded people with the same interests or issues etc they are blogging just like me. This year I am all for collabs or even guest blogging or blogging groups. If it involves blogging I am here for it ,networking is really great for every aspect you can possibly think of.

7. Comparison is THE THIEF OF JOY

Early on when I started blogging I would compare myself to other female bloggers. I would compare my blog so there’s as well. I would ask myself why do they have more followers. Why do they have more traffic or more of an audience than me? I just was driving myself crazy doing all of that. It is nothing wrong with being inspired by other bloggers but we all have to stop comparing. Even in life, our journeys will always be different. I had to stop doing that because it was becoming detrimental to me and the growth of my blog.

Being and blogger is hard work but I feel its so worth it. 



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