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Tips on How To Eat Healthy On a Budget

As I have been casually blogging and podcasting on eating healthy and shall I mention I have been eating HEALTHY. On this journey I must admit naysayers almost got the best of me particularly the ones that kept saying EATING HEALTHY IS TO EXPENSIVE. Well naysayers I have learned some trick of the trades and will be sharing them down below. These are all tips I have been using to save some coins on shopping healthy.

1. Coupon Galore

Now I must admit I don’t do this too often but this is really and great tip. Check your newspapers, magazines, fliers and even online. There are several options for obtaining coupons and they will cut your grocery bills short. You may not find many for vegetables or fruits but they have other quality options.

2.Its Just a Name

I have been saving tons of dollars by purchasing generic brands. To be honest they taste just as good if not better. I think its ludicrous how people spend some much more for a name and not the quality. Like a small Starbucks coffee is $5 give or take when you can go to McDonald’s or Dunkin donuts and get a cheaper coffee with a great taste as well.

3. Save your coins Literally

At my job I am always taking home loads of coins. So lately I will take them with me on and grocery spree. Exchange them in the little coin machine that is in most stores and use that toward my grocery bill. I know the average american has tons of change around there house… gather it and take it with you on your next grocery trip.

I know this may not be a lot of tips but I will keep you updated with more as I learn them….

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