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Why Silver Hair is Here to SLAY!!!

I thought I was a weirdo for being so fascinated with having silver hair. I have experimented with silver, silverish gray, gray and even this pretty silverish blonde. People that know me would look at me like I was crazy . Some saw what I saw which it made my skin tone pop. People would stop  dead in their tracks when they saw me coming. I got a lot of male and female attention when I experimented with this color.

It’s just a very sexy and fashion forward mixed with style when it comes down to hair trends. Personally I don’t see the trend going anywhere any time soon. Now hair trends will forever be evolving but this trend isn’t going anywhere. I have phrase this the “silver fox” era basically why wait until your older to rock this color. An if you don’t want to mess with  your natural tresses with dye… they have wigs darling.

Even celebs have  jumped on this bandwagon. Yes now everyone has these crazy colors in their hair. But SILVER is here to stay !! Have you tried this color like me? Would you try this color? What colors have you tried? I ask all these questions because I use to be that boring girl who would not mess with any colors besides blond, black or maybe burgundy.

When this trend came out it snatched my soul away. Honestly this is my color… Ladies you know its true… WE ALL HAVE AN COLOR!!! But one of the first celebs to try this was one of my faves PINK. Pink is so bad ass and we should all want to be BADASS like her!!!

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