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Tips on How to Stay Positive

Tips on How to Stay Positive

I know sometimes its really hard to stay positive. We all have those days where we may want to punch a wall literally. But I for one have been trying to calm my inner storm. So below I will list some tips to keep you and I on the positive route.


Since I have gotten into meditation it has really changed my mind, body and soul. Sometimes its hard for me to meditate all the time because of my busy schedule. But when I do my mood is so much better than before.


Now I am not a YOGA pro but I am getting the hang of things. Yoga really relieves the stress on my body and mind combined. Between mediation and yoga it really clears my mind.  When you clear your mind invite happy thoughts into it.

3. Think Positive

This is the most simplest tip but the one people fail at the most. If your thinking negative than that’s what you will produce. Your thoughts become your reality! So for me I have been working on that by listening to affirmations and looking at the positive side to everything in my life.

4. Exercise

This tip kind of correlates with yoga but I am listing it as well. When you bust a sweat you get those toxins out. Toxins can cloud your mind and judgement. So take the stairs versus the elevator. It’s quite simple to get a little exercise in daily you just have to want it.

5. Eat Healthier

Healthier foods some reason makes me feel better. If you are feeling better that equates to you being in a better mood. So grab the fruits or veggies over the bad food sometimes. I promise you will noticed the difference!

6. Self Care

This is my absolute favorite tip! Sometimes we need time for ourselves. Do something you enjoy,whether that’s reading a book or taking a trip . Take time for yourself and enjoy life.

These are all tips I have been incorporating in my life to transition to more positivity.

What Are Your Thoughts???

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