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Road Trip to South Carolina

Hey Peeps! I know I have not blogged about any new travel adventure in such a long time. Well this is a travel blog that I hope satisfy you for the moment. This trip was so random and was definitely needed. My boyfriend just randomly hits me up and said come with him for a business trip. I laughed him off but he was so totally serious.

The time period I waited for him to contact me to confirm I was in total shell shock. The total shock stemmed from me hearing the news that the famous rapper Nipsey Hussle had been slain. You guys the incident took a hold of me on a personal level. Yes I did not know him personally but I was familiar with him. Not a particular fan of his music but I was a fan of the person he was. Also his beautiful family and modern love story with Lauren London.

I feel Hussle’s death and the whole tragedy is down right sad to the core. In fact I am still quite saddened that this occurred. I feel he was quite an intelligent kindred spirit who was taken too soon. So for my road trip to happen as it did I am thankful. I was filled will unexplainable emotions and I needed to clear my mind.

I was still not much of my self the whole trip hence not much pictures. With this road trip it felt more like a retreat and not just for a travel blog. It was quite a long ride leaving Sunday night and finally arriving Monday around 2 in the evening. Early Sunday morning we camped out at a rest stop to nap and rest. It was not however the best sleep but I survived.

It was a simple trip but clearly much-needed for my soul. So once we ate in South Carolina we drove to Savannah,Georgia to get a hotel. The hotel room we actually stayed in was horrible. But it was the only one that was reasonably priced and had vacancies. I don’t want to sound bourgeois but it was disgusting. It was dusty and not renovated some of the people staying their scared me a little.

I didn’t really enjoy Savannah, Georgia at all!! It seems so gloomy,depressing and not lively. I have passed through before and always had that same feeling. So I apologize if I offend anyone but I just did not take too it. Leaving from Georgia we drove home and had some of the best long meaningful conversations. I doze off a few times in between I was so sleepy lol!

The best moment of the trip was when I was left in the car by myself. I heard a loud thud on the passenger door and I was startled. So I look it’s this huge dog trying to fit his head in the window. I look at him/her and him/her looks back and then just casually walks away. That moment was one of those silent laughs we all have by ourselves occasionally.

Doesn’t the weirdest things occur when we are alone??? Now I know this is not the best travel blog i have done or has been done but I wanted to share this with you guys. Just one last message for all you guys ” Live like there is no TOMORROW”. Get in your car and just drive…




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