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My Trip To Bimini , Bahamas

My trip to Bimini, Bahamas


My trip to Bimini, Bahamas
My trip to Bimini, Bahamas

Hey Guys I am back with another travel blog and it’s definitely more visual this time around. So besides the pictures I would like to give you some more information about my mini vacay. By mini vacay it was literally just a day trip. But I needed it and I was able to come back home and finish some work I had to do. I have traveled to the Bahamas quite a few times and never been to Bimini. So that why I decided to visit this particular island by a fast ferry From Miami via FRS Caribbean.

Let me be honest its was a smooth trip to the island and quite peaceful. I had a aisle to myself to rest. Once we got their I received my one day pass to the Hilton in Bimini. The beach was beautiful especially the water. But it was a rather dull quiet day on the resort property.

I interacted with some of the Bahamians and they told me because it was Sunday it was slow for that reason.  I got hungry from drinking Gully Wash the official Bahamas drink. I wanted authentic island food but it was only one restaurant on the beach. The menu had nothing but food I was accustomed to already. So I ordered something called ” Drummies”- I was quite disappointed when the plate arrived it .

Drummies was only Bar b Que wings with nothing else. The other waiter saw my face and gave me fries on the house .So after complaining enough  my new acquaintance found a taxi for me. Side note: You could rent golf carts for transportation or pay a taxi $5 to and $5 from your destination. So I got to the restaurant and got a nice plate of fresh snapper , peas and rice, macaroni and coleslaw for $12.

Those wings was $15 plus gratuity included plus I tipped again because I am that girl who does that sometimes. Listen when you guys travel go to where the city people are and follow their suggestions for good food and the hot places to visit. Belly full I went back to the beach and enjoyed waddling in the cool water and tanning. Instead of complaining I was thankful for the moment. It would not be a trip if I wasn’t hit on by the opposite sex quite a few times as well.

The tram that was supposed to pick us all up to go back to the port was late. When it did arrive everybody rushed towards it. Once we made it pass the port and made it to the boat it was super packed. I saw a row with one bag in a seat so I dashed for the seat by the window which was available.Why did I do that???? When the young couple who was saving the seats came back my peaceful day went down the drain.

When I say they talked LOUDLY the whole trip back – they did. An who am I to tell some one they cannot talk. But I don’t want to hear your conversations especially there out of this world conversations. The girlfriend was the real chatterbox – she was talking so much that she was having coughing attacks in between her ramblings. So I gave up trying to rest.

We made it to the port of Miami early. But than they told us that we had to wait 45 minutes to depart. Than one of the passengers got into with the crew members loudly and that was a shit show. He was talking aggressive with expletives and racial slurs.They let that passenger off because I think they had got tired of him and abrasiveness with them. Them the other passengers was like well you let him off let us off as well.

That was the beginning of another shit show! So finally they just let us all off because I think the crew just was tired of us. My battery was on 10% and I had to use the restroom of course. Once you leave the port you cannot go back in. So I had to use the port a potty they had outside.

I want you to imagine my face of disgust… but when a lady has to tinkle she has to tinkle. The same guard that told me where the restroom was kindly charged my phone  for me as well. My boyfriend was unable to pick me up so über it was. So I got to 17 % and requested a ride and I was home. I hope you guys enjoy my account of my mini trip to Bimini, Bahamas.




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