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Love Letter Challenge

Inspired by a Facebook ad sponsored by https://almonguntermotivates.com/operation-love-letter/

Hey Love

Your single on valentine’s day again??? Whats going on ? Your beautiful and you surely aren’t dusty(inside joke). You had a boyfriend last year but you walked away from that. You are definitely growing into your power.

I love how you can relate to just about anyone and anything. Your heart is so big and loves strong. You always get back up no matter how many times you fall. You are my favorite person in the whole wide world. The fact that your standing on your ground when it comes to knowing your worth and not accepting any less takes my breath away.

This year I see the determination in those pretty brown puppy eyes. One day all the work you are putting in will be a strong foundation for any force to try to  go up against. I encourage you to never stop learning and growing. Nothing that has happened prior to now was not a mistake. Those things had to happen to make you the woman you ARE.

This love letter is to MYSELF and I encourage you all to take part in this movement. The very first person we must love completely is ourself.

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