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History of SEO

Well if you have been following me on my blog you know lately I have been discussing SEO lately. I am so intrigued by it and I have pushing my self to learn more and more about it. So like the title this specific blog is about the history of SEO. So I will list a brief history of SEO history and how it came about. Keep up this lesson will be quick and short!

Now it is such a big debate on when did SEO come around. Some argue that is was created  with the launch of the first website published in 1991. While some believe it launched when the first web search engine launched. But I have narrowed it down to around 1997. The breakdown goes like this : the manager of rock band Jefferson Starship gave give birth to  what we  know as “search engine optimization. The birth started simply because he was  upset that the official Jefferson Starship website was ranking on Page 4 of some search engine at the time, rather than in Position 1 on Page 1.

Before being coined SEO-SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION there was some other name choices. Listed down below :

  • Search engine placement
  • Search engine positioning
  • Search engine ranking
  • Search engine registration
  • Search engine submission
  • Website promotion

That was my quick history lesson for SEO which is not dying anytime soon.

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