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What is In-Dating???

IMG_4951Sometime a few months ago I was reading an article and I skimmed across the term “In-Dating”. The term basically was referring too interracial dating. It got me to thinking about how dating has evolved and its almost too perplexed. I honestly do not understand why it has to be different terms for who your dating. Why can’t dating be just plain old dating?

Another thing I have noticed about dating is it’s just not how it used to be. From my vantage point, it seems a lot less fun like it used to be. For instance, I went on a date recently after recently becoming single. This guy was cute and NEW in my life. The first night we were supposed to go out he had me waiting for a long time.

It got to the point I just got unready and hopped in bed once more. We attempted again the next night. He bought us acholic beverages before we went to shoot pool. We played two games and he ignored me gazing at the food menu. I was disappointed that he didn’t offer dinner or a simple bite to eat.

So we leave the pool house and he asks do I want the night to end? I said no we can do something else. He hits me with the “good”… come over and let’s watch Netflix. I giggled and said, “No thanks I do not want to go to your place”. He responds that I am really straightforward.

So it was an awkward silence as he dropped me off to my place. I have yet to hear back from him lol. So it just seems that the dating scene is quite draining and is driving me crazy. What is your take on the dating atmosphere??? Have you guys ever heard of “In-Dating”?

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