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The Naked Truth: Loving our Flaws

The Naked Truth: Loving our Flaws

Flaws we all have them!!!

This is “The Naked Truth” section of my blog so you know I am just about to be brutally honest. Growing up I never felt I was beautiful. An besides my Dad and Grandfather making it there point to make me feel like I was”somebody”on my own I didn’t feel that way. I am totally different from that little girl I once was.
After I lost my biggest supporters it broke me down in the worst way. Sometimes I catch myself going back in those early stages of when I was a young girl. For what ever reason my maternal connections I had hinder me and my situation more. What was the turning point for me was when I started realizing my worth. Understanding my flaws is what make me different.
I thought I was too dark…
I thought I was too skinny…
I had long hair but the other girls in my school didn’t…
I had a big nose…
I would not eat certain foods…
I wanted to read and be alone all the time…
I had a hard time making friends…
I use to get teased because of my weight …
I use to get tease because I looked identical to my brother…
I just didn’t fit in!!!!…
I can just go on and on and on… My flaws that used to bother me and make me cry all day are real memories lately. I broke them down and I took the power they had over me. There was some times I did not think I would climb out of that dark hole I had crawled into. I even wrote an e-book about some of those experiences I had Sitting In the Rain.

I think we are sometimes too hard on ourselves. Next time you beat yourself up over your flaws remember”few diamonds are perfect; most of them have inclusions or imperfections” .

clear beads
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Most of my flaws that I would beat myself up for are things I absolutely love about myself today. If had to give advice to those that feel how I use to feel it would be snap out it. Get positive people in your life and in your circle. Not to say you need people to validate you but I have learned sometimes the people closest to us really bring the most damage to us. But the journey really starts with YOU !
Wake yourself up in the morning and start telling yourself your beautiful!! Learn to start loving yourself so you don’t search for it in others because your hungry for it. If you are hungry and starving you will sometimes eat whatever people would throw at you. Start the journey today in loving all your flaws and embracing them. Do not be concerned with your yesterday and just focus on TODAY. Today and to·mor·row should be the only days that matter in these chapters you are about to write.

 Life is Love

remember you are who you CHOOSE TO BE


Dictionary result for flaw

plural noun: flaws
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    a mark, fault, or other imperfection that mars a substance or object.
    “plates with flaws in them were sold at the outlet store”
    synonyms: defectblemishfaultimperfectiondeficiencyweakness, weak spot/point, inadequacyshortcominglimitationfailingfoibleMore

3rd person present: flaws
  1. 1.
    (of an imperfection) mar, weaken, or invalidate (something).
    “the computer game was flawed by poor programming”

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