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Let’s be honest Pt.2

If you have read my pt.1 to this blog, you know partly why I have been missing. Like I mentioned on my blog 2020 has been crazy for me. But I am sure we all can say or feel the same. It was a lot of major events that made me want to scream aloud or just in the inside at the very least. The elephant in the room was Covid 19.

I just thought it would be for and month at the maximum. But as we are aware it is still very prevalent. With no end in sight that I can see. The biggest let down with this pandemic was being on lockdown. I am such and free spirit, so this ripped me into pieces.

My traveling was not happening as scheduled. So that really was different not being able to get up and fly somewhere different. Another irk was these darn masks! I am over being suffocated with my own breath and not being able to wear makeup and keeping it intact. But these same complaints make me realize how shallow I am.

Yes, I was in and uncomfortable position, but I am still blessed. So many people passed from this Covid and its quite sad. I fear there is big changes because how can the world go back to the old? This year also put the important things in perspective. It made me realize what is important and what just is not.

I worked on my family and made some improvements in my life. I moved to and beautiful new place. Made more income because somehow, I managed to get and raise for higher position I was promised. That is another blog to go in details what happened with that position. This year also made me realize the importance of having your business and not fulfilling someone else’s dream.

Often, we put our wants on the backburner for and mere job. So, I got really focused on saving and my finances did improve drastically. I grew more spiritually but still have room for more growth. I journaled more and listened and read more self-improvement videos. This year I feel put more fire in me to go after what I want. I refuse to let anything stop me from what I want. I encourage us all to take this year and for it to ignite more fire in our desires. 2020 did not own us we owned it. Until next blog… 

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