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Get Real with Kwerkegal

I saw and interesting question online that I wanted to dissect. The question is “how much of your self -worth is tied to others opinion of you? I can be honest this question floored me. I was that girl that cared about what everyone thought of me. Even people who did not care about me at all! I guess I wanted to just be accepted by everyone.  

I did not stop changing that factor until I got older. I realize the only opinion that should concern me is mines only. I feel if we shaped our lives after what others expect of us… are we really living?? In fact, 2020 my backbone has strengthened more. I don’t if is based on the rollercoaster of the year it has been or because I have simply evolved to and higher level.  

I honestly do not care what another think or expect of me. I am finally living my life on my accord and to the beat of my own drums. My self-worth is how I look at myself. I remind myself daily that I am beautiful, and I have and true purpose. What others may see may not be the actual truth. You know what? That is ok. 

How much of your self-worth is tied to other opinions of you? I know and large amount of people do live their live according to other opinions. So, its plausible to say they associate their self-worth with those opinions as well. I find that terribly sad and injustice to them. It’s time we start living our life how we want to live it. 

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