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Trip to Denver ,Colorado

Hey, it’s KwerkeGal and I am back with a blog about my latest escapades. These types of blogs are always my favorites. But with 2020, I have not traveled as much as I normally would. Well, anywho I finally decided just to get over my Covid anxiety and just book and ticket. Well, I went for something quite different as far as my past trips.

I chose to visit Denver, Colorado, and make new memories. I booked and cabin in the woods…. the only downfall it was an hour from the airport. You guys cannot imagine how much that uber fare was?? The shuttle I had heard about told me that I would be able to get and ride until the next day. I went back and forth with this trip.

It was a lot of odd and unexplained things that kept occurring to me. Finally, I just went for it, my friend flew in the following day so I was not alone for the total trip. But anywho back to the cabin, besides it being far it was really cute. It had an electrical fireplace but other than that is was quite similar to cabins I would see in movies. When I arrived there were remnants of old snow mixed with some greenery.

But from the news, I soon learned it will be snowing that night. The sound of snow is tantalizing oddly to me. Now just keeping it real but I did not enjoy the food much. I resorted to fast food spots ad Save away deli. Now before you laugh Save away food in Colorado is pretty damn good.

I woke up to the resort property full of snow. My second day was just waiting for my friend to arrive. Once my friend arrived (which was pretty quick because he is and quite the driver) we started to sightsee and shop. Surprisingly the stores and seemingly the nightlife closed rather early like7pm -9pm. That was different for me.

It’s a two-hour difference between Miami and Denver so I was waking up early. I was and a ball of energy with this new environment. It was so quiet and serene and the people were friendly. The special perk of the resort was and hot tub. The hot tub was outside which was quite the experience especially while it was snowing.

Which on my trip I did visit and dispensary. Which by the way are everywhere particularly right outside of Denver. The one location I visited was pretty nice and upscale. I was shocked just about how dispensaries are and a major part of the lifestyle in Colorado. I also made time for the Rocky Mountains which was super amazing.

I have never seen anything beautiful. I was able to see deers, mooses, rabbits, and just beautiful nature. Now I might sound cheesy but the deers are so beautiful ‘ I kept thinking theirs, Bambi”. I definitely will visit again because it’s the place you go to getaway. Now being completely honest it is expensive up there but in the end, it is kind of worth it. I have attached some pictures that I managed to take. Have any of you visited Denver Colorado? Last tidbit my resort was in Estes Park.

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