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Dallas, Texas

I recently traveled to Dallas, Texas for and few days. Was and spontaneous trip that I enjoyed nevertheless. I flew Frontier Airlines only because I had and credit with them because I canceled and previous flight through them. My experience with Frontier Airlines was just ok… I would describe them as an upscale version of Spirit Airlines. The flight to and from was about three hours too long. I got rather confused when trying to pick up my checked bag. The reason being is their baggage claim is upstairs. I am accustomed to baggage claims being downstairs right before you exit. Surprisingly I did not get lost the trip was rather smooth on that note.

My Airbnb looked like how it was depicted. However under further examination through my stay, I realize the place was disgusting. Plus it was stairs to get the door and stairs inside. So I got some unwanted exercise.I started noticing dirt and scum in certain areas of the house. That’s made me uncomfortable and very disappointed. I also was under the impression I was meeting with and female host. But somehow her “brother” was the one showing me the place and communication with me. Also the wifi went out the first night!!!

As for my agenda, I had already done my research. So I had already decided what I would be doing and how it would be done. I did not do the late-night club scene just being precautious. I ventured on this trip alone so I just wanted to keep myself out of certain elements.

However, I did visit the Dallas Arboretum https://www.dallasarboretum.org and I loved it. I purchased and ticket online before my trip. Even though there were lots of other people I still felt serene. The scenery and the flowers were beautiful. There was and mini zoo and face painting for the kids. Several female teenagers were taking beautiful pictures for their quinceañeras. A lot of people were taking advantage of the amazing backdrops for photos. I also experienced and cooking demonstrations for vegan options. They have and really cute shop for some amazing artifacts. I purchased some crystals, Mother’s day cards, and other knick snacks. I have to mention how the employees were all friendly and respectful. Honestly, everyone in Dallas was hospitable.

I also visited the Dallas Art Museum https://dma.org. I was blown away at the different art styles. It made me pissed at myself that I haven’t experienced art as much. I will say I was drawn more to Islamic and Asian art more.

By the way, in the same area, it’s called the Art District. They have food trucks and seating areas, and open grass to layout on. I had the best wontons and bottled Thai tea to die for.

As for food I had some amazing smoked quesadilla at a bar at the Ritz Carlton https://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/hotels/dallas. I went to another bar and the was not that great. The best option was so plain spinach dip. I am that girl that loves some spinach dip. I tried some different drinks but there was none to write home about.

I did some shopping at the North Park Mall. The mall is pretty and was packed. I almost got and tad nauseous because it was so many people. I noticed the wait for ride shares was longer than normal for me. The prices were a little higher than Miami’s prices tend to be. The culture was very different from what I am used to. Now I saw tons of interracial relationships. Which that’s fine in my eyes love is love. It’s weird though when I went out close to where I was staying I didn’t get much male attention. I try not to be shallow but I was taken aback by this though.

Things however changed when I went to Downtown Dallas too and the area called Ellum. Figuratively I could have beat off my male and some female pursuits off with the bat. At Ellum is where I fell in love with Dallas. I went to the spot that was playing music I recognized. The line was long and the people looked hot waiting in line. The drinks were expensive and for some reason, I was not feeling the drinks. So I kept going to the bar and re-upping. Ellum had all the culture and variety I love. For the first time in my life, I got hit on by guys from different backgrounds. This is why love traveling it shows the difference from what you used to. By the way, this Miami chica was almost blown away by the different temperatures. Throughout my stay, I got used to it. You guys to be quite honest I can see myself relocating to Dallas, Texas. I enjoyed it and I will visit again. Have you ever been to Dallas? If so what is your take on Dallas, Texas?

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