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How to Make Money With A Blog – Step-by-Step Blog Creation

My Journey Of Making Money Blogging

In 2018 I began to blog one day on a just and random impulse. Now I have always loved writing and being creative. I had no idea that this will lead to a complete change in my career journey and I will end up providing and full-time income. I had no major online presence or any technical ability. I did not make any type of money from my first blogs for almost two years. But gradually my income grew from a part-time income to a full-time income and now beyond.

How to make money Blogging?

This is and the question often asked or I often see floating around being asked. So here are some tips on how to make money blogging. In this article, I lay out some basic steps that I see most bloggers make a living from.

Here is how to make money from a blog:

Set up your blog !!!
Create useful content
Start finding readers
Build engagement with your followers
Start making money from their readership through various ways

Now I know it sounds easy …. but it’s a lot of intricate steps in between.
Here’s how to make money from a blog.

Start a Blog

To start making money blogging you’re going to need to have a blog.

Create Useful Content

Now a blog is not a blog without content so once you’ve set your blog focus your attention on creating useful content. Now most successful bloggers focus on their blogging niche or demographic. The content should be useful as possible. Focus on creating content that can change a person’s life in some way. Create content that people will like and trust. – This is important if you want to make money from your blog at a later time.

Start finding readers

If you want to make money from your blog you need to start promoting it. Now there are several ways to experiment with growing your blog’s audience. It’s important to utilize strategies but don’t just be looking for ‘traffic’ but ‘readers’. In the beginning, think carefully about the type of reader you’d like to have read your blog. Create an or a reader persona to help you figure out who you’re trying to attract.
Once you know who you want to read your blog ask yourself where that type of person might already be gathering online. List where they might be gathering:

Are they reading certain blogs? List the top 3
Are they participating in certain forums? List the top 3
Are they listening to podcasts? List the top 3
Are they engaging on certain social networks? List the top 3
Which accounts are they following on each of these social networks? List the top 3

All of these places that you reader might already be gathering have opportunities to develop a presence. Leave a presence by leaving good comments, offering to create guest posts, or simply by being helpful and answering questions.
With this list of blogs, focus, podcasts, social media accounts in hand you will have some good spots to begin to hang out and create value.
The key is to build a presence, to add value, to foster relationships – not to engage in spammy practices.

Build engagement

Create sustained focus upon your blog content and finding readers for your blog. You’ll begin to notice people visiting your blog and engaging with your content. This is the point you need to switch your focus to engaging with those readers and building a community.
Start responding to comments, reach out to these readers personally and do everything that you can to keep them coming back again and again. Look after the readers you already have well and you will find they spread the word of your blog for you and help make your blog even more widely read. Having an engaged reader is also much easier to make money from.

Further Reading on deepening reader engagement on your blog:

Start making money from the readership you have through a variety of income streams
OK – the first four steps of starting a blog, creating content, finding readers and building engagement with those readers are important foundations that you do need to get in place before you’ll be able to build long-term income for your blog. There’s no avoiding that what we’ve covered is a lot of work but if you do it well you’ll be setting yourself up well and giving yourself every chance of being able to make money from your blog. With these foundations in place, you’re now ready to start attempting to make money from your blog but you do need to be aware that just because you have set up your blog, have content, and have engaged readers that the money won’t just automatically flow.

It takes continued work and experimentation to make money from your blog.

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