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“I Choose Me “

I was the one who initiated the “I Choose Me” campaign. I had reached a crossroads where I needed to transform my life. I had just concluded a cycle that I had gone through several times before. I wasn’t expecting something like this to strike me! That is not to argue that the other experiences were any less terrible. This one, on the other hand, was different. “Why do you keep doing the same thing?” it yelled at me from the darkness. Nothing can save it from ending the same way it did the last time. I was familiar with the discomfort; I had experienced it several times before.
Nevertheless, I couldn’t figure out why I kept passing through that door. My spiritual quest, which I had abandoned so many times previously, had restarted due to this experience. I was aware of the problem from a subconscious level. I’d heard so many people talking about it on youtube and in TED talks that I was convinced it was true. I had issues that spanned back to my childhood but did not resolve them.
This wasn’t very comforting for me, although I am a warrior. I’ve been attempting this spiritual quest for some years now. But, for some reason, I always ended up going back to my old habits. It’s possible that it was too straightforward or that I was afraid. This time, I had to confront the harsh realities of life. It was a combination of both the reasons that it was simple and I was terrified. I adore the concept of love, yet I have felt that love has never reciprocated my feelings. But it was when I was at work I distinctly heard the words, “That I would never discover true love until I am able to give it to myself.” I’ve always relied on someone else to provide me with happiness in my life. However, I never decided to be content with my life alone. In this environment, I developed the “I Choose Me” campaign. I’ve come to understand that, like myself, many other people struggle with fully loving themselves. Why is it so challenging to choose ourselves? I was seeking love that I could give to myself. The quest to repair past wounds and confront your inner child can be difficult and painful. As much as this is for me, it is also for everyone who has not recovered from the injustices they faced as children and has not healed due to those injustices. Nonetheless, I want to finish it this time because I am eager to discover what awaits me on the other side of the rainbow. I would appreciate it if I could pick up some more people to accompany me on this train excursion to a location where we chose ourselves this time.

Get on the train right away if you want to be a part of the campaign. https://www.ichooseme.store is the website where you may purchase an item for yourself, a friend, or anybody else in mind.

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