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Dominican Republic

New visitors, I hope you enjoy your time here at my blog. An enthusiastic “hey hey” to those who have followed right from the beginning. Today I will write a blog post on my most recent travels. My birthday was in June, and I celebrated it by going on two separate vacations. I have been meaning to write a blog post on them for a while now.

The Dominican Republic was, therefore, the very first place I visited. This vacation had been a long time coming! It has always been on my bucket list, but I haven’t done it yet. When I read reports in the media about visitors becoming sick or having their beverages tainted, I became terrified. After facing those concerns, I made the decision to proceed.

The Be Live Collection is where I dwell. The first thing that comes to mind is DR is sweltering and humid. Even though it was raining, I still discovered I was relatively warm. The resort was bustling, which was something that I did not particularly enjoy. Every day was a good day for a party, especially on weekdays.

After seven nights, I was ready to get out of there as soon as possible. At all times, salespeople at the resort were attempting to sell to the guests there. I enjoy shopping and giving my patronage to local boutiques and shops whenever I can. The fact that there was always someone in your face trying to sell you something was, on the other hand, a little bit frustrating. In addition to that, there was no elevator!

My first room was located on the ground floor of the building. To my astonishment, it turned out to be another visitor already present inside. Consequently, I had to climb those three flights of stairs to get to the fourth level, which was quite the exercise. Because it was an all-inclusive resort, I believed it to be an excellent financial investment.On the other hand, the food, particularly the breakfast, started to bore me after a while.

Dinner and lunch were tastier. Especially when different foods from different cultures were included in the feasts. In addition to that, the dessert bar wasn’t half awful. Even though I am not really interested in sweets, I could locate several that are excellent. The culture and the beauty were the most critical aspects of the trip.

There were a few outings in which I participated. My first order of business was to take a tour of Santo Domingo. I didn’t mind the extended drive at all. The bus was a sight to behold, and it was completely full. We made stops at monumental in between.

In addition to that, we went to a restaurant for dinner and wandered around the central business district. It was beautiful, and as you could expect, there were a lot of street sellers there. In addition, the excursion stopped at and cathedral. I have no idea why, but I have always had a thing for cathedrals. The ones in Cuba are particularly among my favorites.

My actual birthday celebration consisted of a journey on a boat to a secluded island in the Caribbean. There were many boat journeys during the day. It was exciting as well as entertaining. Drinking and a lot of dancing that I didn’t participate in because I’m not a dancer. Cuba Libre and coco-cola were my first drinks when I started drinking.

Keeping my Cuban heritage up and center, for sure. There was some flirtation because Latin males have a reputation for being very outgoing and passionate. Our ultimate destination and the area where we docked was a secluded rainforest islet. Where lunch was waiting for us, as well as beach chairs for when we finished. After that, the men from the boats started pouring alcohol into coconuts.

Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious coconut mixed with rum??? The trip to Santo Domingo, in particular, featured a substantial amount of retail therapy in the form of shopping. Purchases consisted of some rum, cigars, and Mama Juana. I was taught that Mama Juana is a drink that should only be consumed in company situations. It is considered to be the Dominican Republic’s national alcoholic beverage.

After studying, I discovered that the Tainos first brewed it as tea.
Cinnamon, bark, other herbs, and so forth are all included. The resort had multiple swimming pools, direct access to the beach, a casino, and a club. Due to resort regulations, the swimming pools were permanently closed at 7 o’clock every evening. As soon as I reached the top of the stairs, I thought my room was charming.

I suppose the structure was entirely different in its makeup. Everyone behaved pleasantly and cordially, for the most part. I do have a tale, and it’s a very adorable one. Since the resort offered all-inclusive services, guests were expected to move quickly if a table became available. Because there will be moments when you find yourself in the same predicament, and you would be stuck like chuck.

It was a stroke of good fortune that I could locate a table at this specific time. After I had completed my breakfast, I sat down with a cup of coffee to relax. As soon as this adorable young girl frowned, she raced over to the table to start speaking Spanish. When I finally grasped that she wanted to sit at my table, I was in mild confusion. So I said, “Yes, go had,” but then I saw that she was accompanied by her father and her grandma at the time.

So I was like, yeah, you want me to get up. As a result, I hastened to drink my coffee before allowing them to take over the table. In retrospect, that came out as pretty impolite. The servers and waitresses expressed their regret for the inconvenience. I believe it is evident that I was a tourist by the look on my face.

It was so long ago that I almost forgot that I went horseback riding. I have a sneaking suspicion that I engaged in that behavior when I was younger. But I have no doubt that it was only for a moment. On this occasion, I rode horseback through rural areas of Punta Cunta for about two hours. The highlight of the trip was when I was able to ride my horse along the beach. It was unquestionably an experience worthy of being stored in my memories.

In addition, while I was in Santo Domingo, I got the opportunity to explore a cave. The temperature was relatively high inside the cave built by nature and renovated by humans. I did like seeing it. The wonders that mother nature creates never fail to astound and amaze me.

However, that is no longer relevant because time has passed. I had a good time on the trip and got to know some interesting folks. I can say without a doubt that I would go there again. For me, this birthday was almost like a second chance at life. Because of this, I am confidently moving on to the next phase of my life.

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