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After I returned from my vacation to the Dominican Republic, I took a short flight back to the United States. The following stop was in Barbados, where Rihanna originally hails from. This resort that I stayed at here was far more tranquil and homey. I was enamored with the Bajan tongue. It seemed like someone had mixed a British English accent with a Bahamian one. There are 11 different parishes spread around the island. One of the most exciting things I learned is that each parish has at least one church that bears its name. This time, I opted not to stay at a resort that provided all meals and activities, so I had to fend for myself.

As quickly as I could, I found out and was told that the cost of the food at some establishments may be pretty high. The most delicious thing I ate was a gap burger with fries. A well-known burger on the island may be found here. The majority of your purchases are made from a street vendor. My resort included a restaurant, but the open hours and food served were neither enticing nor convenient. As far as trips go, I went around to all the parishes and did a tour. That was a fun and exciting experience. The trip’s highlight was visiting Rihanna’s childhood home in Barbados and her present residence there. So, about her residences… It was motivational since it was a true story of going from poverty to wealth. Such as the fact that the street where she grew up is now called after her. At the very end of the road, there is a convenience shop with the names of her songs written on the pathway outside. Additionally, she possesses a statue at that spot. I was hoping that she would suddenly appear, haha.

The next adventure was a ride in an underwater submarine. That was awesome, although there were many more children than grownups there. Even though I got seasick a few times, it was still an exciting experience. It was a goal of mine to sample some genuine dishes from Barbados. The menu for lunch included chicken rice pelau, macaroni pie, and flying fish; all served with sauce. In my opinion, the macaroni was the most delicious part of the dish. It had a lot of different spices in it and tasted good. The island is home to its namesake, the flying fish. It was unlike anything else I had ever tried in any way. Therefore, the flavor was exciting. The chicken rice pelau was not for me. I prefer other options. It had much heat and was not the kind of food I typically enjoy.

Because it rained most of my vacation, I spent much of it in the resort. I got a good amount of rest and appreciated the resort property, especially the pools. I would make my way down to Lawrence Gap as soon as the sunset. The strip known as Lawrence Gap was the one that had everything. It was situated in an area that was easily accessible on foot from my resort. Should I make the trip again? I hope to see Rihanna and the baby at some point. I have included some photographs, and I sincerely hope you all liked reading about my most recent trip.

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