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  • “I Choose Me “

    “I Choose Me “

    Originally posted on Welcome:
    I was the one who initiated the “I Choose Me” campaign. I had reached a crossroads where I needed to transform my life. I had just concluded a cycle that I had gone through several times before. I wasn’t expecting something like this to strike me! That is not to argue…

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  • KwerkeGal Updates (New Ebooks and other Publications)

    KwerkeGal Updates (New Ebooks and other Publications)

    Hey, it’s Kwerkegal, and I am back with some goodies. If you have been following my blog, you already know about my eBook called Sitting in The Rain. I rewrote it and republished it, and it’s an updated version. So, I recommend it for anyone that loves motivational books and needs some self-help. Here is […]

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  • Talking App Kit

    The Talking App Kit is a great face list for any typical day app, including coaching apps, journals, physician’s apps, and more. Easy to install, goes over your existing interface. No need to throw out anything. It brings your app into the modern era. Very quick to install, in under 1 minute. We’ve made it a pleasure to use for developers.

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