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  • Vegan Stir Fry

    Vegan Stir Fry

    I haven’t blogged and good recipe in ages. This one is simple ,quick and anyone can do it. This recipe incorporates portobello mushrooms, beefless tips, and edamame. Now you can make this recipe yours and based on your taste buds. But I prepared my version with avocado oil, spicy chili garlic sauce, and light seasoning. […]

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  • Nassau , Bahamas Getaway

    Nassau , Bahamas Getaway

    I had another getaway to the Bahamas. At his point, the island has become and second home. I hadn’t visited the island in and while due to Covid. Booked and 10-day stay and that turned into 11 days because I missed my flight. The strangest thing keeps happening once I return from the Bahamas. That […]

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  • The Level Up Journey

    The Level Up Journey

    I just wanted to share with you this awesome YouTube channel for leveling up. A friend actually refereed me to the channel. Its fairly new but I understand the purpose and I fully support. Well any who the channel gives various tips for women on they’re leveling up journey. So if your interested and happened […]

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