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  • “I Choose Me “

    “I Choose Me “

    We have to learn to choose ourselves at the end of the day.

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  • Red Lipstick

    Red Lipstick

    I hate red lipstick! Well, that is rather harsh to type… But I did use to not like it all. I remember when my mom forced me to wear it for my 8th-grade prom. I cringe all night because I thought I looked terrible. My dress was royal blue and I somehow thought it clashed […]

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  • Thank Me Later

    Thank Me Later

    I love Amazon just like the rest of you guys probably do as well. But let’s be honest Amazon has so many types of things to choose from. Sometimes when I go shopping I never know what exactly to get myself. So I have combined some of my top finds on amazon to help some […]

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  • May’s Ipsy Bag

    May’s Ipsy Bag

    I decided to resubscribe to Ispy once more after discontinuing for about a year I believe. I receive this month’s Ipsy bag. The little postcard that comes with really spoke to me. One sentence in particular where it says “Sometimes you need to get lost so you can find yourself”. Lately, that’s all I have […]

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  • My Step by Step Guide to Applying Makeup

    My Step by Step Guide to Applying Makeup

    Today I wanted to give you all the steps I take to applying my makeup. Of course, I use different steps for work versus me going out to a party or to an event. Ladies you know when we go out the makeup is usually more extravagant and heavier with products. These steps I am […]

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