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  • Get Real with Kwerkegal

    Get Real with Kwerkegal

    I saw and interesting question online that I wanted to dissect. The question is “how much of your self -worth is tied to others opinion of you? I can be honest this question floored me. I was that girl that cared about what everyone thought of me. Even people who did not care about me at all! I guess I wanted to […]

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  • Let’s be honest Pt.2

    If you have read my pt.1 to this blog, you know partly why I have been missing. Like I mentioned on my blog 2020 has been crazy for me. But I am sure we all can say or feel the same. It was a lot of major events that made me want to scream aloud […]

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  • Let’s Be Honest Pt 1.

    Let’s Be Honest Pt 1.

    Obviously if you actively follow me you noticed I have been missing. Well I promise you I will do better . But lets be honest 2020 has been and wild roller coster ride while your experiencing and hangover. I recorded two small segments to my podcast as well today. Check the link for my bloopers […]

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  • My Blogcation

    My Blogcation

    Well by now you may have noticed I have been AWOL since around June. This break was not planned but spiritually was very much needed. It’s like after my birthday I was just burned out and just plain DONE with everything. Am I the only one that hates when everything we planned goes downhill? Well, […]

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  • Goal Friend

    Goal Friend

    So I know you see the title and your like “huh”? I ran across the term a few months back and I fell in love with it. I personally I do not have many friends because I am a loner and steer clear of drama. But seeing this term kind of gives me hope for the […]

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