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  • Vegan Stir Fry

    Vegan Stir Fry

    I haven’t blogged and good recipe in ages. This one is simple ,quick and anyone can do it. This recipe incorporates portobello mushrooms, beefless tips, and edamame. Now you can make this recipe yours and based on your taste buds. But I prepared my version with avocado oil, spicy chili garlic sauce, and light seasoning. […]

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  • Tips on How To Eat Healthy On a Budget

    Tips on How To Eat Healthy On a Budget

    As I have been casually blogging and podcasting on eating healthy and shall I mention I have been eating HEALTHY. On this journey I must admit naysayers almost got the best of me particularly the ones that kept saying EATING HEALTHY IS TO EXPENSIVE. Well naysayers I have learned some trick of the trades and […]

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  • Chiax Pudding

    Chiax Pudding

    I haven’t added an recipe in so long its ridiculous. This  recipe is really simple and its an dessert this time around.  Instructions : In and container of your choice combine some soy milk flavoring is your choice. I chose to use almond milk as my base. Combine flax seeds , chia seeds and chocolate […]

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  • Veganuary


    What is Veganuary??? It’s a charity that inspired this movement to get people to try being vegan for the month of January. There are record numbers of people who signed up including me. I chose to because I wanted to improve my health and to strengthen my discipline. Some feel it’s just and publicity stunt […]

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    Center Stage is an new section that I will be adding to my blog . I will basically be collaborating with other talents or putting the spotlight on some creative individuals. The first to the stage goes by the name Wilfred Marrero Jr. Wilfred is an creative director and fashion designer. His portfolio can be […]

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