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  • Chiax Pudding

    Chiax Pudding

    I haven’t added an recipe in so long its ridiculous. This  recipe is really simple and its an dessert this time around.  Instructions : In and container of your choice combine some soy milk flavoring is your choice. I chose to use almond milk as my base. Combine flax seeds , chia seeds and chocolate […]

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  • Veganuary


    What is Veganuary??? It’s a charity that inspired this movement to get people to try being vegan for the month of January. There are record numbers of people who signed up including me. I chose to because I wanted to improve my health and to strengthen my discipline. Some feel it’s just and publicity stunt […]

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  • Veggie Rice with Sautee Chicken

    Veggie Rice with Sautee Chicken

    NEW RECIPE ALERT!!!! I haven’t blog about a recipe in a long time. This recipe is kind of freestyle because I didn’t follow any particular recipe. So let me give you the rundown summary: The Ingredients for the rice : Eggplant (I actually cooked the eggplant first in a pan to soften it up and […]

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  • Eggplant with Risotto

    Eggplant with Risotto

    Hey guys! Lately I have been trying to clean up my eating habits and get healthier. Today’s meal I am sharing was really simple I decided to go with eggplant and risotto. Both items I purchased from Publix and involved no hard labour. The eggplant cutlets are vegan friendly and breaded all that’s required is […]

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  • Cauliflower Rice with Salmon

    Cauliflower Rice with Salmon

    Hey you guys!! Happy mothers day to all my U.K. followers. I am on here because I think I want to add a recipe section to my blog. Lately I have been trying to eat HEALTHIER!!! I am not on a vegan level yet but I ve made some drastic changes. Well today I concocted […]

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