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  • April 1st “Aprils Fool Day”

    April 1st “Aprils Fool Day”

    Growing up I used to love this day!!! I use to try to trick my family and friends with these wild random stories or situations. Blogging about this now makes me giggle and laugh. The silly things we did as a child or the things we said. So I don’t blog about every holiday just […]

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  • Tips For Learning A New Language

    Tips For Learning A New Language

    I came into the new year wanting to finally grasp the concept of a new language. That language is SPANISH. I would assume it would come easy for me since it’s in my bloodline and I reside in Miami. Miami is a melting pot of so many cultures especially Latin cultures. So during the process, […]

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  • Blogging Goals For 2019

    Blogging Goals For 2019

    It is 2019 and I am not holding back from allowing my blog to flourish. Well if left up to me my blog will flourish and grow. To help with the process I have set some goals for myself. I love helping others grow as well which is why I am sharing my goals. Please […]

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  • The Naked Truth: Surviving R Kelly Documentary Series

    The Naked Truth: Surviving R Kelly Documentary Series

       What Are Your Thoughts??? I am not going to lie to you guys I wasn’t going to even watch this documentary. Simply because I didn’t want to get wrapped up into more sexual drama dealing with a celeb. Last year I saw TV icon Bill Cosby sent to prison and career literally dragged in […]

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  • 2018 Honorable Mentions

    2018 Honorable Mentions

    Happy New Year everyone! It’s now 2019… but I want to go back and mention a few things that happen in 2018 that made me go WHET? Deaths: R.I.P. to any and everyone that passed away. I have compiled a list of the deaths that really shocked me. Kim Porter Mac Miller Angela Simmoms Baby […]

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