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  • What Was Your First Heart Break???

    What Was Your First Heart Break???

    Well this morning I was strolling on Instagram when one specific video stood out to me. @JADAPINKETSMITH posted a video that really resonated with my soul. So this blog was inspired by that beautiful queen herself. Basically in the video she spoke on her first heartbreak and how everyone has had their heart broken. How […]

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  • Dating Thyself????

    Dating Thyself????

    I use to be the girl who was in love with the idea of love. I felt I had to have and boyfriend to feel I was beautiful. If I didn’t have that male presence I would always question what am I lacking. It was always me in the mirror asking if I was ugly […]

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  • Diamonds Are Actually Forever…. Sorta

    Diamonds Are Actually Forever…. Sorta

    Eterneva is changing the way we memorialize those that have passed by turning there ashes into diamonds and designer cremation jewelry. It can be for loved ones and even your pets. There motto is “No life should be forgotten”. I think its an really defined way to keep the legacy of someone who is no […]

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