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  • What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

    What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

    Hey I got a lot of positive feedback on this blog . So I decided to reblog it so others can get the chance to read great tips. Enjoy! I attended a great SEO workshop today. So I decided to do and series of blogs centered around the workshop and what I learned. I am […]

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  • What is In-Dating???

    What is In-Dating???

    Sometime a few months ago I was reading an article and I skimmed across the term “In-Dating”. The term basically was referring too interracial dating. It got me to thinking about how dating has evolved and its almost too perplexed. I honestly do not understand why it has to be different terms for who your […]

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  • Love Letter Challenge

    Love Letter Challenge

    Inspired by a Facebook ad sponsored by https://almonguntermotivates.com/operation-love-letter/ Hey Love Your single on valentine’s day again??? Whats going on ? Your beautiful and you surely aren’t dusty(inside joke). You had a boyfriend last year but you walked away from that. You are definitely growing into your power. I love how you can relate to just about […]

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  • What is an Affliate???

    What is an Affliate???

    Before I got heavy into the blogging and marketing world I was clueless on most of the terminology. One term that sticks out to me is an Affiliate. What is an Affiliate? The technical definition is – officially attach or connect (a subsidiary group or a person) to an organization. “the college is affiliated with the […]

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  • Its Wine Time

    Its Wine Time

    We haven’t seen a wine blog on here since last year. So why not get your glasses out why I give you the tea on this new wine. This wine is called “Cattoo” and you guys know I had to research that interesting name. Well with my research this is the answer I discovered: A […]

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