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  • Aruba Aruba Aruba !!!

    It was and toss up between Turks and Caicos or Aruba for my birthday. I have heard of Aruba of course but wasn’t too familiar with the island personally. After all, this was my birthday after Covid finally dying down, so I decided I needed to celebrate it to the fullest. So I chose Aruba, […]

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  • Dallas Aboretum

    Dallas Aboretum

    I recently made and trip to Dallas, Texas. One of the places I ventured to was the Dallas Arboretum https://www.dallasarboretum.org. I loved my visit and below are some snapshots from my visit.

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  • Trip to Denver ,Colorado

    Hey, it’s KwerkeGal and I am back with a blog about my latest escapades. These types of blogs are always my favorites. But with 2020, I have not traveled as much as I normally would. Well, anywho I finally decided just to get over my Covid anxiety and just book and ticket. Well, I went […]

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    These are pictures from my birthday trip that I never got around too posting. My trip to Jamaica was a epiphany for me spiritually. Enjoy these few pictures that the experience had such a impact on me.  

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  • My Travel Bucket List

    My Travel Bucket List

    Lets be honest I love traveling!!! I have been fortunate to see quite a few different destinations. I blogged about the places I have traveled before like Cuba, Bahamas etc. This blog is about my dream trips… places I would just love to visit. I will list my TOP five picks because let’s be honest […]

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