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  • Barbados

    After I returned from my vacation to the Dominican Republic, I took a short flight back to the United States. The following stop was in Barbados, where Rihanna originally hails from. This resort that I stayed at here was far more tranquil and homey. I was enamored with the Bajan tongue. It seemed like someone […]

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  • Dominican Republic

    New visitors, I hope you enjoy your time here at my blog. An enthusiastic “hey hey” to those who have followed right from the beginning. Today I will write a blog post on my most recent travels. My birthday was in June, and I celebrated it by going on two separate vacations. I have been […]

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  • Nassau , Bahamas Getaway

    Nassau , Bahamas Getaway

    I had another getaway to the Bahamas. At his point, the island has become and second home. I hadn’t visited the island in and while due to Covid. Booked and 10-day stay and that turned into 11 days because I missed my flight. The strangest thing keeps happening once I return from the Bahamas. That […]

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  • Dallas, Texas

    Dallas, Texas

    I recently traveled to Dallas, Texas for and few days. Was and spontaneous trip that I enjoyed nevertheless. I flew Frontier Airlines only because I had and credit with them because I canceled and previous flight through them. My experience with Frontier Airlines was just ok… I would describe them as an upscale version of […]

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  • Dallas Aboretum

    Dallas Aboretum

    I recently made and trip to Dallas, Texas. One of the places I ventured to was the Dallas Arboretum https://www.dallasarboretum.org. I loved my visit and below are some snapshots from my visit.

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