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  • My Trip To Bimini , Bahamas

    My Trip To Bimini , Bahamas

      Hey Guys I am back with another travel blog and it’s definitely more visual this time around. So besides the pictures I would like to give you some more information about my mini vacay. By mini vacay it was literally just a day trip. But I needed it and I was able to come […]

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  • My Travel Bucket List

    My Travel Bucket List

    Lets be honest I love traveling!!! I have been fortunate to see quite a few different destinations. I blogged about the places I have traveled before like Cuba, Bahamas etc. This blog is about my dream trips… places I would just love to visit. I will list my TOP five picks because let’s be honest […]

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  • Where Have you Travel

    Where Have you Travel

    I randomly thought about the timeshare meeting I had in San Juan with the representative who was in awe of all the places I had traveled to this year. An after taking some time I am in awe too. I started this blog wanting to discuss my travels but I had no idea of what […]

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