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  • “I Choose Me “

    “I Choose Me “

    We have to learn to choose ourselves at the end of the day.

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  • Talking App Kit

    The Talking App Kit is a great face list for any typical day app, including coaching apps, journals, physician’s apps, and more. Easy to install, goes over your existing interface. No need to throw out anything. It brings your app into the modern era. Very quick to install, in under 1 minute. We’ve made it a pleasure to use for developers.

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  • 1 Year Blogiversary

    1 Year Blogiversary

    Today makes its one year since I started blogging. My reason from blogging has developed in to so many NEW reasons. My blog also has changed drastically as well from design to domain name and even content. I want to thank those that follow and keep up with me and my blog. Stay tuned I […]

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  • 2018 Honorable Mentions

    2018 Honorable Mentions

    Happy New Year everyone! It’s now 2019… but I want to go back and mention a few things that happen in 2018 that made me go WHET? Deaths: R.I.P. to any and everyone that passed away. I have compiled a list of the deaths that really shocked me. Kim Porter Mac Miller Angela Simmoms Baby […]

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  • Part 2 to End of 2018

    Part 2 to End of 2018

    I am quite anxious for 2019 because I do feel like it will be my YEAR. After all the end of December, we have the solstice and a full moon.  I truly believe now is the time for us to manifest and put out our full intention for the new year. I think after dealing […]

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